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Maintaining ideal oral health necessitates routine dental cleanings. While at-home brushing and flossing are necessary, professional dental cleanings offer a higher level of cleanliness and aid in avoiding dental issues. A dental cleaning, also called dental prophylaxis, is when a dental hygienist or dentist cleans your teeth by removing plaque, tartar, and spots. It is crucial to preserving healthy dental health. The experienced staff at Brookdale Dentistry in Yonge St., Ontario, will strive to provide gentle yet comprehensive dental cleanings that put your oral health and general well-being first.



The Importance of Dental Cleanings

Regular dental cleanings offer several important benefits that contribute to your oral health

Prevention of Systemic Health Issues

Numerous systemic health issues, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory infections, and unfavourable pregnancy outcomes, have been related to poor dental health. Maintaining good oral health, lowering the risk of acquiring these systemic health problems, and enhancing general well-being are all benefits of routine dental cleanings.

Early Detection of Dental Issues

Dental cleanings involve more than just cleaning your teeth. Additionally, they give dentists a chance to assess your oral health. Dental professionals can spot any indications of disorders, including tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, or bite abnormalities, during the cleaning. Early detection enables quicker action and better treatment results.

Stain Removal and Brightening

Using some drugs, smoking, drinking tea, coffee or red wine, as well as certain lifestyle choices, can discolour teeth. Dental cleanings include the removal of surface stains, resulting in a more dazzling and attractive smile. Dental cleanings can greatly enhance the appearance of your teeth, even if they might not completely remove deep or underlying stains.

Plaque and Tartar Removal

Plaque can eventually build up on our teeth despite our best efforts. If left untreated, plaque, a sticky film of bacteria accumulating on the teeth and gum line, can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Dental cleanings involve the meticulous removal of plaque and tartar (hardened plaque) from the tooth surfaces, especially those challenging-to-reach regions that are challenging to clean at home.

Fresh Breath

Dental cleanings may help in the fight against halitosis or bad breath. Bad breath results from the bacteria in plaque and tartar that emit foul odours. Dental cleanings can improve your breath by eliminating harmful microorganisms and properly cleaning your teeth.

Prevention of Gum Disease

Periodontal disease, often known as gum disease, is a prevalent oral health problem that, if neglected, can negatively affect the body. By removing the plaque and tartar that fuel the growth of gum disease, dental cleanings are essential for both preventing and controlling the condition. Regular cleanings assist in maintaining the health of your gums, lessen inflammation, and stop the spread of gum disease.

What to Expect During a
Dental Cleaning at Brookdale Dentistry

When you visit Brookdale Dentistry for a dental cleaning, you can expect a comprehensive and patient-centred experience. Here is what typically takes place during a dental cleaning appointment:

Oral Evaluation

A dentist will assess your oral health prior to the cleaning. They will inspect your teeth, gums, and entire oral cavity to evaluate your oral tissues’ health and spot any potential problems.

Removal of Plaque and Tartar

Dental hygienists will carefully remove tartar and plaque from your teeth by using specialized tools. They will meticulously clean all tooth surfaces, even those that are inaccessible. This procedure prevents gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental problems.

Teeth Polishing

After removing plaque and tartar, your teeth will be polished using a revolving brush and grittier toothpaste. After completing this procedure, your teeth will feel smooth and clean, which helps remove surface stains.

Flossing and Oral Hygiene Instructions

To make sure that all plaque and debris are removed from between your teeth and along the gum line, dental hygienists will floss your teeth. Additionally, they will advise you on practicing good oral hygiene.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screenings are frequently part of dental cleanings. The dentist will look for any indications or symptoms of oral cancer while inspecting your mouth, lips, tongue, throat, and other oral tissues. Successful oral cancer treatment outcomes depend on early identification.

Discussion and Treatment Recommendations

After the cleaning, the dentist will talk about their findings with you and suggest any necessary procedures or additional examinations. We will address any inquiries you might have and collaborate with you to create a unique treatment strategy.


Why Choose Us for Dental Cleaning?

Choosing Brookdale Dentistry for your dental cleanings comes with numerous advantages that prioritize your oral health and comfort:

Experienced Dental Professionals

Brookdale Dentistry has a team of highly skilled and experienced dentists. Our knowledge guarantees that dental cleaning is done with the utmost care and accuracy. We stay current with the most recent developments in oral hygiene techniques to give you the best possible treatment.

Gentle and Thorough Cleanings

The dental staff at Brookdale Dentistry is aware of the value of thorough yet gentle cleanings. They put your comfort first when cleaning, making sure you have a pleasant experience. They will thoroughly clean, revitalize, and improve the health of your teeth by attending to every nook and cranny of them.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Brookdale Dentistry uses cutting-edge dental technology to make your teeth cleanings better. We use modern equipment and methods to remove tartar and plaque while reducing pain efficiently. With the aid of this technology, your cleaning will be effective, exact, and catered to your particular oral health requirements.

Patient-centred Approach

At Brookdale Dentistry, the patients are at the heart of everything we do. Our dental staff takes the time to hear your worries, respond to your inquiries, and comprehend your objectives for your oral health. We give you individualized care and customize your dental cleaning to meet your unique needs, making sure you get the best possible care.

Comprehensive Dental Services

Dental cleanings are only one of the dental services that Brookdale Dentistry provides. They have the knowledge and tools to offer the required solutions if any concerns are found during your cleaning. They can take care of all of your dental requirements under one roof, including orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry.

Friendly and Welcoming Environment

You can expect a warm and friendly atmosphere at Brookdale Dentistry. The welcoming dental staff works hard to make every patient feel at ease and relaxed. Long-term relationships are important to us, and we strive to exceed your expectations with their dental care.

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"Reveal Your Sparkling Smile with Brookdale Dentistry's Dental Cleanings!"

Maintaining a healthy smile and avoiding dental issues require routine dental cleanings. Offering comprehensive, delicate, and patient-focused dental cleanings is a priority for Brookdale Dentistry on Yonge St. in Ontario. Thanks to our skilled dental professionals, cutting-edge equipment, and individualized approach, you can relax knowing your oral health is in competent hands. Make an appointment on our website or call us for your dental cleaning at Brookdale Dentistry right away to start working toward a lifetime of clean, fresh, and healthy smiles.


How often should I have a dental cleaning?

Generally speaking, we advise scheduling a dental cleaning every six months. However, the frequency may change depending on your dental health requirements and the dentist’s advice. Certain people can need cleanings more frequently, particularly if they have gum disease or other disorders.

Dental cleanings normally don’t hurt. Dentists delicately clean plaque and tartar from your teeth using sophisticated instruments. However, if you have sensitive teeth or if there has been a considerable tartar accumulation, you can feel some slight discomfort or sensitivity. The dental staff will do everything possible to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the cleaning.

The amount of plaque and tartar accumulation, the state of your oral health, and if any extra treatments or examinations are necessary all affect how long a dental cleaning appointment lasts. A visit for a dental cleaning typically lasts between 30 to an hour.

A dental cleaning can help clear stains on the surface of your teeth and make them look whiter. They are not, however, made expressly for whitening teeth. Your dentist can suggest further procedures like professional teeth whitening if you’re hoping to see more noticeable benefits from teeth whitening

Many dental insurance plans offer cleanings as part of preventive care. To understand your coverage and any related expenses, it is crucial to contact your specific insurance company.

Regular dental cleanings are crucial even if you practice excellent oral hygiene at home. Professional cleanings are important to remove plaque and tartar that may have built up in hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. Dental professionals can also see early indications of dental problems and offer guidance and preventive care to keep your oral health in good shape.