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What Are Dentures?

A bright and sure smile shows that a person is happy and sure of themselves in general. However, oral health and self-esteem may suffer if you are missing teeth due to aging, trauma, or dental issues. Long-standing and dependable dentures give patients both practical and visually acceptable substitutes for lost teeth. The purpose of dentures is to restore missing teeth and adjacent tissue. They offer a practical option for people who have lost all or some of their teeth because they are created specifically to suit the patient’s mouth securely and comfortably. Dentures made nowadays are made with innovative materials and technology to ensure a natural appearance and a comfortable fit.

At Brookdale Dentistry on Yonge St. in Ontario, we take pleasure in providing top-notch dentures that are specially created to meet each patient’s specific requirements and aid in the restoration of their attractive smiles and self-confidence.

Types of Dentures

At Brookdale Dentistry, we offer various types of dentures to cater to the specific needs of our patients:

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures replace every tooth in either the upper or lower jaw’s two arches. The mouth’s inherent suction holds them in place and simply removes them for cleaning.

Partial Dentures

When some natural teeth are still there, people use partial dentures. They fill in the spaces by missing teeth, assisting in maintaining dental health and preventing teeth from shifting.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures attach to your dental implants that are surgically put into the jawbone. This gives the dentures more stability and stops them from slipping or shifting while speaking or eating


Advantages of Dentures

Dentures offer numerous benefits to individuals with missing teeth:

Restored Oral Function

Dentures help people eat and talk without pain, which improves their quality of life as a whole.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Dentures offer a natural-looking smile since they resemble natural teeth and gums.

Boosted Confidence

Patients who wear dentures can confidently socialize and feel proud of their smiles.

Preservation of Facial Structure

In order to prevent the sunken appearance that can be because of tooth loss, dentures support the facial muscles.

Cost-Effective Solution

Since dentures are frequently more affordable than other tooth replacement methods, a wider spectrum of patients can benefit from them.

The Denture Process

The process of making dentures requires a number of processes, and our skilled team at Brookdale Dentistry guarantees a quick and individualized procedure for every patient:

Comprehensive Evaluation

Our dentist will carefully examine the patient’s oral health, go through their preferences and expectations, and choose the best kind of denture for their requirements at the initial consultation.

Impressions and Measurements

Dentures that fit securely and comfortably are made using exact measurements and impressions of the patient’s mouth.


The dentures fit the patient’s natural gum colour and tooth shape in a dentistry laboratory by skilled workers.

Fitting and Adjustments

Once the teeth are ready, the patient will come back to our office for a fitting. To guarantee a precise fit and the greatest level of comfort, our dentists will make any necessary modifications.

Denture Care and Maintenance

Our team will provide detailed instructions on how to take care of and maintain dentures properly. Regular dental check-ups are also essential to monitor the mouth’s health and the dentures’ condition.


Caring for Dentures

To increase the lifespan of dentures and improve dental health, proper care and maintenance are necessary:

Daily Cleaning

Use a soft toothbrush or denture brush and a mild denture cleanser to clean the dentures every day. You should avoid using regular toothpaste since it can harm the denture material because it is rough.

Rinse After Meals

After eating, take off and clean your dentures to get rid of food residue and avoid discolouration.

Handle with Care

Handle dentures carefully when removing or cleaning them to prevent injury as they are sensitive.

Soak Overnight

To keep the dentures moist and in shape, soak them in water or a denture-cleaning solution overnight.

Regular Check-ups

To ensure that the dentures continue to fit comfortably, schedule regular check-ups and adjustments with your dentist.

Why Choose Brookdale Dentistry for Dentures

Personalized Approach

In order to create dentures that fit comfortably and appear natural, our dental staff at Brookdale Dentistry takes the time to understand each patient’s specific needs and preferences.

Experience and Expertise

Our dentists have the knowledge and skill to create high-quality dentures since they have years of restorative dentistry experience.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We develop dentures that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional using cutting-edge technology and materials.

Compassionate Care

In order to make sure that our patients are at ease and confident throughout the denture procedure, our team is keen on providing compassionate and patient-focused care.

Denture in Ontario


"Rediscover Your Smile: Dentures by Brookdale Dentistry!"

At Brookdale Dentistry on Yonge Street in Ontario, we think that every patient deserves a smile that looks good and works well. We have a commitment to helping our patients restore their confidence and take advantage of the advantages of a healthy and radiant smile with the help of our premium dentures and individualized approach to care. Contact us or schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable staff if you are thinking about getting dentures or any other dental service. With dentures that go above and beyond your expectations, let us be your partners in regaining your smile and enhancing your quality of life.


Are dentures comfortable to wear?

Modern dentures fit well and be comfortable. However, some people may need time to get used to their dentures. The dentist might make changes to ease any discomfort.

Patients can eat most foods easily with dentures after some time and practice. Start with milder foods and progressively add items with rougher textures to the diet. Avoiding meals that are firm or sticky might assist in keeping the dentures in good condition.

Dentures may initially affect speech, resulting in slight pronunciation alterations. However, patients can reestablish their regular speech patterns and become used to wearing dentures comfortably through practice and speaking exercises.

The material and the patient’s oral health are two variables that affect how long dentures last. Dentures can last up to 10 years or more with good maintenance and routine dental exams.

Many dental insurance policies provide partial or full denture coverage depending on the specific policy. It would be wise to speak with the insurance company to learn more about the specifics of the coverage.

We recommend taking off dentures while you sleep so that the oral tissues can rest and keep their health. Overnight, you should clean dentures by soaking them in water or a denture-washing solution.