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Understanding Apicoectomy

We aim to offer comprehensive and modern dental care at Brookdale Dentistry in Yonge St, Ontario, including specialty endodontic procedures like apicoectomy. An endodontic operation called an apicoectomy address issues that still exist following conventional root canal therapy. It entails removing the tooth’s apex (tip of the root) and any affected tissue before sealing the end of the root to stop further infection. Usually, this operation is advisable when a tooth with a root canal shows symptoms of an ongoing infection or inflammation at the root tip.


Indications for Apicoectomy

An apicoectomy may be good for the following situations:

Persistent Infection

After receiving root canal therapy, an apicoectomy may be required to remove the infection’s cause from the root tip if an infection or inflammation still exists.

Narrow or Curved Canals

Apicoectomy is a good alternative to traditional root canal therapy in some situations when it may not be possible to treat the entire complex root canal anatomy successfully.

Root Canal Retreatment

An apicoectomy may be explored as an alternative to redoing the complete root canal when infection or symptom in a tooth that has previously undergone root canal therapy returns.

The Apicoectomy Procedure

Comprehensive Evaluation

To identify the precise problem and decide whether an apicoectomy is necessary, our knowledgeable endodontic team at Brookdale Dentistry does a complete examination that includes X-rays and digital imaging.

Local Anesthesia

To guarantee your comfort throughout the treatment, we will give you local anesthetic before getting started.

Incision and Access

To gain access to the underlying bone and root tip, a tiny incision is made in the gum tissue next to the afflicted tooth.

Root Tip Removal

Our skilled dental team at Brookdale Dentistry carefully removes the infected or damaged section of the root tip using specialist tools during the apicoectomy procedure.

Root End Cleaning

To get rid of any leftover bacteria and stop further illness, the root canal is cleaned and disinfected.

Root End Sealing

After that, the root’s tip is sealed with a biocompatible substance to guard against any reinfection.

Post-Operative Care

Our endodontic provide detailed post-operative care instructions, including pain management and oral hygiene guidelines, to promote a smooth and comfortable recovery.

Follow-Up Visits

Patients are scheduled for follow-up visits to assess healing progress and ensure the success of the apicoectomy.


Benefits of Apicoectomy

Preservation of Natural Tooth

Apicoectomy enables us to keep the natural tooth, avoiding the need for extraction and maintaining the appearance and functionality of your smile.

Elimination of Persistent Infections

Apicoectomy is a procedure that successfully eliminates lingering infections and aids in healing by removing the infected root tip and closing the root canal.

Long-Term Success

Apicoectomy offers a high percentage of success in treating complicated root canal problems and avoiding additional complications.

Improved Oral Health

Apicoectomy leads to enhanced general oral health by treating persistent root canal problems and infections. Eliminating the infection and inflammation can prevent bacteria from spreading to other mouth regions, lowering the chance of problems.

Enhanced Comfort

Root canal inflammation or persistent infections might hurt and make you sensitive. Apicoectomy relieves the patient by removing the cause of the discomfort and reducing the discomfort for the patient.

Preventing Tooth Extraction

When a root canal-treated tooth develops recurrent problems, extraction may appear to be the only alternative. Apicoectomy, on the other hand, provides a conservative method for conserving the natural tooth while safeguarding the jawbone’s integrity and sustaining appropriate oral health.

Why Choose Us for Your Apicoectomy

Expert Endodontists

Experienced endodontic professionals who are adept at carrying out apicoectomy operations with accuracy and care work in our dental facility.

Patient-centred Care

Your comfort and well-being are our top objectives at Brookdale Dentistry. We make sure the entire therapy is enjoyable and anxiety-free.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our dental office’s modern amenities and cutting-edge technology allow us to give our patients the best care possible.

Comprehensive Dental Services

We provide various dental services in addition to apicoectomy, ensuring that all facets of your oral health are cared for under one roof.

Apicoectomy in Yonge St, Ontario


Restoring Healthy Roots with Apicoectomy

We have a dedication to providing top-notch endodontic care, preserving teeth, and advancing general oral health at Brookdale Dentistry, located on Yonge Street in Ontario. Schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable dental team if you have a root canal-treated tooth that still causes you problems or needs endodontic treatment to learn more about the advantages of apicoectomy and witness our dedication to offering the highest calibre dental care.


How do I know if I need an apicoectomy?

Based on a thorough examination that can involve X-rays and digital imaging, your dentist or endodontist will decide whether you require an apicoectomy. An apicoectomy may be necessary if you have a root canal-treated tooth with lingering infection, inflammation, or other issues near the root tip.

The majority of the time, local anesthetic is used during an apicoectomy to minimize your discomfort. You can suffer little soreness following the procedure, which is manageable with over-the-counter painkillers and appropriate post-operative care.

You could feel a little sore and uncomfortable throughout the healing process, but these symptoms will go away in a few days. For a quick and complete recovery, it is essential to adhere to your dentist’s or endodontist’s post-operative recommendations.

Each patient’s recovery process differs. However, most people are able to return to their regular activities in a matter of days. Usually, it takes a few weeks for a full recovery.

For adults with recurrent root canal problems, an apicoectomy is typically advised. Pediatric patients may undergo alternative therapies depending on their particular oral health demands

Simply contact our helpful staff at Brookdale Dentistry,Yonge St, Ontario, to arrange a consultation for an apicoectomy. We’ll be happy to help and address any questions or concerns you may have.