White Fillings

White fillings are the alternatives to silver (amalgam) fillings. They are made of a strong composite resin that is matched to the surrounding tooth colour. In the past, these fillings were placed only on front teeth, but today, a stronger more durable material has been developed that can withstand the chewing pressure of back teeth. At Brookdale Dentistry, we treat you like family. We make sure that you receive the highest quality of dental services with everlasting longevity and strength.

White Fillings - Brookdale Dentistry Before White Fillings - Brookdale Dentistry After

White fillings are most commonly used for:

  • Aesthetic enhancement
  • Patients who prefer mercury-free fillings
  • Patients with sensitivity to heat or cold 

Broken Tooth Repair:

The patient presented with a broken tooth.  We had three options: do nothing, extract the tooth or build up the tooth as filling.  All treatment options were discussed and patient chose option 3. After the restorative procedure was she was really happy 😊