Mouthguards are a custom-made appliance that is used to protect your teeth, jaws and bite from unpredictable damage or uncontrollable bad habits, such as teeth grinding. Sports injuries or injuries caused by high intensity activities, in general, can be contained by the protection of a mouth guard. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Dr. Shakib will always recommend a mouth guard if he sees it necessary according to your lifestyle and activities.

Mouthguards - Brookdale Dentistry in Midtown Toronto, North York Dentists

Some conditions, such as TMJ and sleep apnea can be also controlled by a mouth guard. Based on Dr. Shakib’s examination of your case, he might recommend a night guard to minimize the pain and the damage done to your teeth. It might take some time for you to get used to your mouth guard, but on the long run, you’ll feel less discomfort, more relaxed, less symptoms (such as headaches and migraines) and a better overall state of oral and general health. (Mouthguards – Brookdale Dentistry in Midtown Toronto, North York Dentists)