Check Ups and Cleanings

At Brookdale Dentistry, we like to monitor our patients’ oral health even if they don’t have any specific complains or pain. Oral problems can sometimes be tricky with no show of symptoms at first; this is when it’s best and easiest to treat them. Therefore, we recommend dental check ups and cleanings and dental exams every 6 months to make sure that our patients are healthy, disease-free and on the right track with their home hygiene routines.

check ups and cleanings

During your dental check ups and cleanings session we’ll also perform a comprehensive dental cleaning to remove all plaque and tartar build-up from around your teeth. Regular teeth brushing and flossing can’t usually get rid of tartar, which hardens over time between your teeth and your gum line. A professional deep cleaning routine by our highly skilled dental hygienists is the only way you can remove tartar build-up and protect your mouth from gum disease.

We might also take digital x-ray scans during your dental check ups and cleanings, if necessary. These help us identify dental problems, see beneath the surface and keep a close eye on your oral health status. With 90% less radiation exposure compared to traditional x-rays, an easier, faster and environmentally friendly process, Dr. Ali Shakib and Dr. Parand Parsaie will be able to save your scan in our files and use them when needed for a quicker and better diagnosis.